Low TCO, Best Practice Solution

Lowest TCO

A recent trend report from Radar Ecosystem Specialists presents a study of the 1000 Nordic companies using the primary ERP systems available in Sweden today, including SAP, Microsoft NAV, Microsoft AX, Infor, IFS, Oracle, and Jeeves ERP. The report explores:

  • Drivers for IT spending as related to ERP
  • A framework for evaluating the total cost of ERP over time
  • A calculation of the total cost of ERP by vendor
  • Key search criteria for selecting a new ERP

With the average length of ownership of an ERP system being more than 10 years, the report discusses a company’s true investment in ERP over time. The report concludes that today, IT departments are being pressured to drive twice the innovation and productivity at half the costs. TCO, along with the flexibility to support innovation over time, are critical decision criteria

Find out why Jeeves ERP has the lowest TCO in the Nordics. Download Radar Group's report.

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